How can I contact iWin?

We encourage our users encountering difficulty to review our Knowledge Base for useful articles that solve most of the problems encountered. For issues that do require individual attention, please submit a support ticket from the main page of the Support Center under the "Request Support" tab.

You can greatly reduce your wait time by:

1. Selecting the appropriate category for your ticket, so that we can be sure your message is directed properly.

2. Provide as much information as possible regarding your problem.

3. To minimize waiting time, we request that you submit only one ticket regarding a single issue. If you need to provide us with more information, simply update your existing ticket.

If you experience trouble submitting a support ticket, please email:  directly. In this email please provide as much info as possible in order for us to best help you. Please note, we are able to follow up to support tickets much quicker than a direct email and your patience is appreciated. 

We hope this Support Center will enhance your visits to by minimizing the time it takes you to obtain help and allow you more time for enjoying your games.

Click HERE for instructions on using the Knowledge Base.

Click HERE for instructions on how to submit a Support Ticket.

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