How can I update my video card drivers?

A driver is another term for software that communicates between your Operating System (e.g. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) and your computer hardware (e.g. the video card itself). It is important to have the most up-to-date drivers for your computer's hardware to ensure that it functions correctly. To verify you have the latest drivers, please refer to the computer manufacturer's website and locate the support section. Usually the latest drivers for all of your computer's hardware can be found here. Since we have no way to determine what hardware you have installed, or what drivers are the most current, iWin is unable to assist you directly in updating.

You can download the latest video card drivers from the manufacturers listed below:










Or may be found directly from your video card's manufacturer:




It is important to ensure that your video card drivers are up-to-date. Even new computers are often installed with older video cards and therefore require updates. Here's how to locate the type of card in your machine and the date of installation:

Click on Start and then Run. In the box that appears type dxdiag.

2. Click Yes on the WHQL certificates message.

3. In the lower right corner, click the button Save all information.

4. In the save dialog that appears, click Desktop on the left and then Save.

5. Open the text file and locate the header labelled Display Device. You will find all of your pertinent driver information there.

Hardware Acceleration:

To make changes to your Hardware Acceleration settings, please complete the following:

1. Click on Start then Run.
2. In the box that appears type desk.cpl and press OK.
3. On the Display Properties screen that appears, click on the Settings tab.
4. Click on Advanced in the lower-right corner.
5. Click on the Troubleshoot tab at the top.
6. Locate the slider for Hardware Acceleration.

It is recommend that you experiment with the slider first, rather than just disabling it altogether. Do this by moving the slider down one notch at a time, then click OK to apply the changes. Restart your PC, and try to launch the game again until you are successful.


You might need to update your Microsoft DirectX. The current version for Windows XP is DirectX 9.0c. Click HERE to update.
You will have to restart your computer after installing DirectX. On Windows Vista DirectX 10 is preinstalled.

After performing these steps we recommend restarting your computer.

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