How do I make sure my version of Mozilla Firefox is up to date?

Like many household items, your computer needs some periodic attention to retain optimum performance. Like much preventative maintenance, a little regular effort can help prevent major headaches later. We encourage you to maintain the health of your computer for more trouble free playing!

One important thing you can do for your system is make sure that all of its software is current.  Keeping your system up to date will help make sure that as new software is released, your system will be compatible with it as well as maintain performance and security.

You should be sure to apply updates to your Operating System, browser and the drivers for the hardware inside your computer regularly.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox internet browser, you can check for updates easily. In an open browser window select the "Tools" menu and then select "Options."  Click on the "Advanced" icon and then click on "Software Update," selecting the checkbox for Firefox (and for auto-install if you prefer).

There are an enormous variety of computers, Operating Systems, and browsers with which to connect to the internet. While we cannot keep a comprehensive list of all of the possibilities, we recommend that you be familiar with your own system. If you are unfamiliar with how to make updates for your OS or any of the software on your computer, try typing the name of the software in question into your favorite search engine (adding "updates" or "patches" may narrow your searches to the most pertinent).
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